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Thomas Brown
Student of politics and history. Enjoying the circus before the tent burns down. Founder of Practicing Politics —
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A brief look into the reasons for this troubling trend and what you can do to help

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While many pay lip service to the idea of food banks and charitable donations, there is still a prevalent notion in many western nations that food insecurity is in some way a moral failure.

‘Getting’ someone to agree with you and ‘letting’ them agree with you are two very different things

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Entering into the last year of my undergraduate, things are not how I hoped they would be

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I asked 15 people who were COVID skeptical what it would take to change their minds, here’s what they said…

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The reason why someone might buy into COVID-denialism and the reasons they put forward for justifying this belief can be completely different.

Why have so many people become skeptical about the ‘mainstream…

The winter will be colder without it

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As it turns out, the final days of being a President in the US are akin to the final hours of class before Christmas break in Elementary School…

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Because until now, they have been counting on us to leave them alone

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‘How’ and ‘why’ you should contribute to this publication!

Article summary:

  1. What Practicing Politics is — a publication that talks about how we engage in politics at all levels, as well as solutions for how to do so more effectively.
  2. What content we accept — anything nonpartisan that relates to political engagement and political culture.
  3. How to contribute — email me…

Thomas Brown

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